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Europe rewards a traitor

Telegraph | News | Britain must pay traitor Blake for breaching his human rights

George Blake, who spied for the Soviet Union, won a human rights claim against the British Government yesterday, 40 years after he escaped from prison in London and fled to Moscow.

Britain was ordered by judges in Strasbourg to pay 84-year-old Blake £3,350 in damages and £1,340 costs for breaching his right to a fair hearing within a reasonable time.

It took the European Court of Human Rights five years and eight months to decide Blake's case.

May I suggest the money is made available for "collection in person only" - preferably on top of a wooden trap door under a beam with a noose...


I'm surprised they decided the case in that way...

I'd appeal, stretch it out as long as you can. The old b@stard will be dead (preferably from a very painful ailment) in a year or so.

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