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The "most hated" tax in the country

Telegraph | News | More pensioners suffer as council tax bites harder

More than two million households in England, many of them pensioners, struggle to pay their council tax, according to an independent report published today.

It found that one in 10 households had difficulty paying the tax, which according to a recent poll is the "most hated" tax in the country.

One in four households in band A, the lowest value band for properties, receives a summons, and one in seven in band B...

...report comes as Sir Michael Lyons's carries out a review of council tax for the Government. Sir Michael's interim report last year suggested he was considering introducing the same system of local taxation now being rolled out in Northern Ireland.

Current council tax bands would be abolished and replaced with an annual levy calculated using the value of each property.

Residents would typically be charged at 0.78 per cent of their home's value each year, more if they enjoyed good views, pushing the average bill from £1,056 to £1,492.

So it isn't just me then that objects. Pensiners have had their pensions robbed at one end by Gordon and now the Council each year mulcts them at the other. Thank goodness and Adam Smith that the shopping basket gets cheaper each year because it in some ways balances the inflation caused by the public sector. The thought of a huge rise is enough to get me down the barn sharpening the sickle.


If a few student thugs could bring down the poll tax ( one of the few fair taxes) why cannot an organised middle class revolt do the same for the council tax? Aren't middle class renowned for their organisational skills?

So the average bill goes upwards yet again. Does this mean they might empt my bin once a week instead of once a fortnight.
Valus for mony services............. bah humbug!!

I can actually spell empty, value and money. It was the coffee that I spluttered over my keyboard

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