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Cash on Demand Justice

Muggers and thieves to be fined 」100 on the spot - Britain - Times Online

SERIOUS crimes such as assaulting a police officer and mugging will be punished by instant fines of up to £100 from next year under plans to keep hundreds of thousands of offenders out of court.

Proposals drawn up by the Home Office, and seen by The Times, envisage a huge extension of fixed-penalty notices from early 2007. They would apply to nearly 30 offences, including assault, threatening behaviour, all types of theft up to a value of £100, obstructing or assaulting a police officer, possession of cannabis, and drunkenness.

Telegraph | News | The case for speed cameras destroyed in a flash

A review of the Government's speed cameras policy was demanded yesterday after official statistics showed that only five per cent of crashes are caused by drivers breaking the speed limit....

There are more than 5,400 camera sites in England and Wales, which raised £113 million in fines in 2004-5

Leaving alone for a minute a society which judges assaulting a Police Officer or Mugging (up to £100) as only as naughty as low level speeding what the hell is going on? Are we really becoming a place where at every turn some uniformed goon can demand cash with legal menaces? Oh there will be due process, if you demand it and don't mind your life being turned upside down for two years, but you won't demand it, will you? You will just swipe the card and get on with your prole like existence.


Can you pay in advance and get a discount? Maybe 10 muggings for £900.00p? Could work out effective if you mugged the right people.

This is just the beginning of the Judge Dredd-style "summary justice" that Tone has been talking about for some time. fdm made me laugh, but it's more likely that, as in all countries with spot fines, you will get your "discount" for cash and not asking the nice policeman for a receipt. I once lived in an EU member state where, faced with pay demands from the police, the government just winked and increased all the spot fines instead.

At least you can take care of it on the spot when you assualt the cop for a silly speeding ticket.

Surely now as a mugger all I would have to do is chose victims whose on-person goodies can be disposed of for more than £100. Mugging then becomes a reliable source of income as even if I get caught I will still be quids-in.

It depends on whether the rozzer nicking you thinks a thump in the mouth is worth a hundred quid. I suspect he will not. Whereas, thumping decent people and pinching all their possesions will become quite remunerative.

Now supposing thumping Labour scum rated the same tariff...or Revenue scum...or Traffic wardens...the possibilities are endless...

This is another approach. It would only work for speed cameras however. Just don't admit who was driving.

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