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Sometimes I sits and thinks, sometimes I just thinks

Tony Juniper, director of Friends of the Earth, flew to Malaysia, South Africa, and Amsterdam on business and took his family on holiday to Slovakia in the past year. This weekend he is on a business trip to Nigeria. His trips are estimated to have generated at least eight tons of CO2.

“This is the dilemma faced by all international organisations, including green ones,” said Juniper. “We do all we can to cut travel but we need to do some flying to make decisions.” (The Times)

There was poor old Newton shut up on his farm in Lincolnshire, unable to travel because of the plague, so he sat down under an apple tree and did some thinking; and came up with a spiffing idea or two. Einstein could only manage a walk in the park when he was holding down a full time job but he managed to scribble down some stuff which exercises the old grey matter. Maybe if the Greens mentioned in the article stopped flying round the world preaching we should all stay at home they might have time to actually do some thinking....


Too bad there isn't some way that they can have conferences and make decisions without having to travel. Say, like some kind of system of computers and monitors and phone lines that would allow people in diferent parts of the world to talk to each other in groups as if they were in the same room. I bet large corporations would take advantage of something like that.

If one wanted something to think about, considering how bad Europe has gotten since it officially abandoned The Church would be appropriate.
If one really wants to explore the ultimate in this, consider catholicfundamentalism.com There, the thought that God can program in three dimensions is put forth, and the world is as Aquinas described it, made by God within Scriptural timelines.
But, that would herald a return to sanity and standards, and what European wants that enough to sacifice his vanity?

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