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The right to be educated, or the right to be employed in education?

BBC NEWS | Education | School standards 'to take decade'

It will take another 10 years before government reforms raise standards in secondary schools, former education secretary David Blunkett has suggested.

Changes to primary school education saw test results improve sharply in the 1990s but improvements in secondary schools will take longer, he said.

He also acknowledged that his citizenship lessons project had failed.

If we believe his timetable, and we all know how elastic Government timetables are, then kids just entering primary school for the very first time are being written off as their secondary education will be substandard, and we know that now. More importantly the Education Department knows it and is content for the natural rate of change to hopefully correct it. Would parents be happy to learn that little Samantha and Joshua are being denied their right to the best damned education ther taxes could buy?
Adam Smith has other proposals. which would speed up changes by applying market forces.


Market forces are not allowed in public education.

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