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Pieces of eight

The Tory leader has only promised to "share the proceeds of growth" between public services and tax cuts – something that is causing anger among many in his party.
I'm not a paid up member but it certainly is making the ichor rise - his endless parroting of "share the proceeds of growth" just reminds me that what he means is that he has his beady eye on any extra money anyone earns, and he is going to help himself to it - oh and maybe if we are really good, and promise to vote for him, then he may see himself able to give us a bit back as a "tax cut", a bit like dropping half-a-crown into a porter's hand if he tugs his forelock and calls the young Master Cameron "Sir"...

"Share the proceeds of growth, share the proceeds of growth, pieces of eight, pieces of eight, pretty polly"... Bang.


Not "share" at all - it should be "return" the proceeds.

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