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Recognising the elephants in the room

BBC NEWS | Politics | Number of anti-EU Tories 'rising'

The number of Tory MPs who want to withdraw from the EU is growing, claims Euro-sceptic MP Philip Davies.

He says David Cameron is also happy for MPs to advocate that policy without fear of any sanctions inside the party.

Meanwhile Edward Leigh warned Tories could become recruiting agents for UKIP and the BNP if they do not speak up on tax, Europe and immigration.

He urged the leadership to pay attention to its traditional right-wing voters, or risk losing them

It isn't just the right wing voters, judging by the noise on the blogosphere (an unrepresentitive sample I know), the silence on the big issues is driving away all sorts.


Well, given their tax policy just published, even I am thinking of UKIP next time around. Ordinarily, I would have regarded them as just a fringe party and a wasted vote - but the big three are just as much a waste it seems.

If the Tories can't offer a decent alternative to the monsters in power, what, exactly, is the point of them?

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