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Local Market News

BBC NEWS | England | Wiltshire | Market town twins with Arab city

A market town in Wiltshire has become the first place in the UK to be twinned with a city from a Muslim Arab country.

Trowbridge, with a population of 40,000, has joined up with Oujda - which is 10 times bigger and the eastern capital of Morocco.

Moroccans in Trowbridge are the biggest ethnic minority group in Wiltshire and many originated from Oujda.

Strangely a man with an extensive taste in herbal cigarettes told me this last week in the pub, claimed it was worthwhile spending some of his dole money to go to Trowbridge where smoking requistes for the discerning gentleman were much cheaper than Devizes. The benefits of free trade and movement across borders are proved again.


As always good old british igenuity has triumphed yet again. Home produced weed is far superiour to imported crap , that stuff is made with soap ,engine oil and a good dollop of goat shit, so suport local industry and buy local produce.

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