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Beware the wrath of Rover man

Binmen in stand-off at dawn - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

A man has won his battle to stop refuse collectors entering his street early in the morning and waking residents.

Chris Perry, 60, a part-time teacher, parked his Rover 75 across the entrance to his cul-de-sac in Winchester to stop dustcarts entering at the customary 5.45am.

The binmen threatened to ram the car, but he refused to move it. They called the police, who agreed with Mr Perry that they should not be waking residents so early. Mr Perry agreed to move the car on the condition that the binmen called their bosses at Serco, the council’s contractor. They were told that their rounds should begin no earlier than 7am.

Council officials said that most binmen had second jobs and so needed to finish early to get to other employment.

5:45 in the morning - what sort of time is that to be up and about?


It's insanity to be up so early, unless you're going shooting.

Apparently - according to the Daily Telegraph ( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2006/10/05/nbinmen05.xml ) - the binmen asked the police to intervene: the police refused. Now, say what you like about Mr Perry's obstruction (and I'm fully in sympathy) this is illegal. So what are the police doing? Well, they're not enforcing the law for one thing.

The primary job of the police is to keep the peace. The binmen were at fault by behaving in a manner liable to cause a breach of the peace.

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