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Cameron D. - Must try harder

Labour neck and neck in the polls after conference season - Britain - Times Online

ANY Conservative bounce left after its conference last week was short-lived. The two main parties are at level pegging again as Parliament returns from its 11-week recess despite the leadership crisis that engulfed Labour in the summer.
... new Populus poll for The Times, undertaken over the weekend, showed that support for the Tories is unchanged from early September at 36 per cent. Labour has gained three points to reach 35 per cent and the Liberal Democrats are down two points at 18 per cent.

The poll suggests, however, that David Cameron would comfortably defeat Labour at the next general election in three or four years whether the party were led by Gordon Brown, John Reid or Alan Johnson. Support for the Tories would be 40 per cent or more in each of these cases with Labour reaching no higher than 34 per cent.

A small glimmer of hope there for the Tories but to only be on level pegging with the most corrupt incompetent lying bunch of bastards in living memeory isn't really good enough, is it?


No is the simple answer.

Cameron is the gloss over the mould crumbling edifice that is the Tory Party - just a shame UKIP wont be mass market due to too much political tribalism

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