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Mussolini defends freedom - an idea for Iain Dale

Friends of the Amarone: MP drug expose' taken off the air

A television prank which threatened to expose widespread drug use among Italian MPs was suspended on Tuesday.
It was due to be included in Le Iene (The Hyenas), a popular satire show which begins a new series on Tuesday evening.
The show secretly tested 50 lawmakers for drug use with the results showing that one in three had apparently taken drugs in the previous 36 hours.
A total of 12 tested positive for cannabis and four for cocaine, according to Le Iene.
Amid parliamentary uproar over the prank, Italy's privacy authority intervened and ordered the piece to be deleted from the show.
....Alessandra Mussolini, hard-right MP and granddaughter of Fascist dictator Benito, said the privacy regulator's decision amounted to censorship.

I wonder what the results would be here - maybe 18 Doughty Street could try it out. My wish is just that more of our MPs looked like Alessandra Mussolini


Well, you didn't think that Sophia Loren's niece was going to be bad looking did you?

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