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Hull - Fat, Stupid Men with Poor Sex Lives

EDINBURGH is fit and clever but Glasgow is drunk, dangerous and lazy, according to a survey.

Scotland's capital city has been named the fittest and cleverest city in the UK in a study by Men's Health magazine.

But Glasgow walked away with three less attractive awards.

It was branded the most dangerous, lazy and drunk city in Britain in the study...

But it isn't all good news south of the border...

Across the UK, Hull was named the most stupid place in Britain.

Which follows up this story...


Hull has been branded the 'fattest' city in the UK and the worst location for men looking to live a healthy life.
The city's men also have the least satisfying sex lives, it claims.

Wolverhampton, meanwhile, is the most sober city in Britain yet, perhaps not surprisingly, also the dullest in the survey, said the report.

:: The top 10 stupidest places in Britain are:

1. Hull
2. Stoke
3. Liverpool
4. Bradford
5. Glasgow
6. Wolverhampton
7. Newcastle
8. Nottingham
9. Leicester
10. Birmingham

And I hardly need to remind you who is an MP from Hull do I?


Andrew Marvell, the 17th-century poet, was MP for Hull. But he lived in Highgate, North London.

Interestingly, Hull has fewer alcoholics anonymous meetings than Beaconsfield. . . The tight link between stupidity and 'undiluted' denial. . .

You come to hull and see whats it like you fucking idiots

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