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An inconvenient truth maybe

Institute of Economic Affairs invite:

Mine Your Own Business - European Premiere
One Great George Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3AA
18:30, 01 November 2006
The Dark Side of Environmentalism...

A documentary by Phelim McAleer & Ann McElhinney.

Mine Your Own Business is a journey through the dark side of environmentalism. It demolishes the cosy consensus that environmentalists are well-meaning, agenda-free activists and shows them to be anti-development ideologues who think the poor are happy being poor and don't want the development that we, in the west, take for granted.
"Hundreds of years after we have become rich and comfortable by removing our forests and exploiting our natural resources such as coal, oil and gold we are now going to the poorest countries on the planet to prevent them from doing what we did and from having what we have. We want them to stay as 'traditional peasants' – a tableau vivant of pre-modern poverty western tourists can come to see on holiday — forgetting all the while that the poor people desperately want progress and desperately want to enjoy the good, healthy and long life we in the west take for granted.

Mine Your Own Business will make a lot of comfortable western people very uncomfortable indeed. It will show them the consequences of their blind faith in our new religion — the religion of radical environmentalism.

Phelim McAleer, Director,
Mine Your Own Business".

6:30pm doors open; 6:45pm Film Premiere; 7:50pm Q&A; 8:15pm Reception

either by email: iea@iea.org.uk
or by Fax: 020 7799 2137
or by Phone: 020 7799 8900


Enough said!


Doubtless there soon will be calls for documentary makers such as McAleer & McElhinney to be prosecuted for Crimes Against Gaia.

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