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Bring back "On the Buses"

Race quotas 'needed to end divide in schools' - Britain - Times Online

STATE schools should introduce ethnic quotas into admissions criteria to break down the extreme segregation of pupils along cultural and religious lines, the head of the Local Government Association said yesterday....

It was unacceptable that non-white pupils should form 90 per cent of the population of one school, when white pupils formed 90 per cent of a neighbouring school down the road.

One solution, he suggested, would be for schools in areas with high concentrations of minority ethnic groups to incorporate some kind of ethnicity quota into admissions policies

It is all part of the 1970s revival isn't it? - it started with flares coming back into fashion, and now it is going to be bussing of kids acros the neighbourhood to fulfill race quotas - didn't the US give this up in the 1990s?.

Still it brings back memories of Blakey saying "I hate you Butler" while Jack had a quick grope with a clippy...


Not only does Labour want the majority of schools to be Non-British, they want ALL schools to be Non-British.

Vote Labour? Didnt Vote? Didnt Vote Conservative?

Vote Get Labour and you will get "Positive" Discrimation and "Positive" Ethnic Cleansing.

Britain is screwed.

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