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Lib-Dems - Please give generously

THE business that gave the largest financial gift to the Liberal Democrats was entirely fraudulent and had never traded, a High Court judge ruled yesterday.

The London-based finance company 5th Avenue Partners Ltd, which donated £2.4 million to the party, shunted investors’ money around Europe without their knowledge, Mr Justice Cooke said.

His judgment raises the stakes for the Liberal Democrats. The party has been resisting calls to return the gift, saying that it was accepted in good faith. (The Times)

Sir Ming was woken to hear the news and issued the following statement: "Eh? Eh? Half-past four, I've had my tea, thank you Matron, what, what? Money, what Money? If they are rattling a tin get the Butler to drop half-a-crown into their tin, send the buggers away, it will be Dick Barton on the Wireless soon and I don't want to miss it, oh and ask Cook to send up some crumpets please..."


I have to say that the English sense of humour is unparallelled.

If it were possible for us stiff-upper-lipped Northern Europeans to crack a smile, I would be doing so at your cue.

Please, remain consistent with the material you have provided thus far. Otherwise I will be very disappointed, perhaps to the point of suicide, or at the very least, complaining a lot in a melancholy way to the rest of the world.

With all due respect,

-Søren Rask

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