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Today I have mainly been ....

The History Matters campaign has designated Tuesday 17th October a day for the public to record history. You are invited to contribute an online “blog” diary which will be used by the British Library as a record of ordinary life in Britain in 2006. Please take part in this project to ensure that life in rural Britain is reflected in the results.

Whether you are hunting or harrowing, fishing or farm shopping, milking or just walking the dog, please write it down! The website says that “on 17th October and for a week after it will be possible to upload your online diary

Go on give them a true picture of Britain..

(Hat tip Countryside Alliance - as you may have guessed from the sort of life they are talking about, but even if you are stuck in the smoke that day it would be worth while doing.)


I'm not sure I'd like to support any organisation that has a picture of Anthony Wedgewood Benn on their front page and an entry form in Welsh.

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