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EU plans UK Biker Cull

The Times October 13, 2006
Motorists must switch on lights during day, EU says

Stephen Ladyman, the road safety minister, said that the move could result in more motorcyclists being killed. Motorcyclists tend to use their headlamps during the day to mark them out in traffic.

Speaking in a Commons road safety debate this week, Mr Ladyman said: “Because motorcycles use daytime running lights, they have greater visibility than they would do if everyone used such lights.

“Given that one of the most serious problems that we face in this country is to bring down sharply the stubborn rate of motorcyclist fatalities, we cannot afford to compromise an important safety concern for motorcyclists.”

But the minister added that he had been unable to persuade his counterparts in other countries to vote against the Commission’s proposal.

“I am increasingly pessimistic. The tide is running against me. A number of powerful states believe that it is a good idea. I believe that they think that it is a panacea and an easy solution to which their public will not object and which will help to reduce their casualty statistics,” Mr Ladyman said.

“I do not think that it will reduce their casualty statistics, but it will affect our casualty statistics. I will continue to fight the good fight, but I cannot promise that I will win.”

Mr Ladyman - So you are quite happy to let British Bikers be splattered across the tarmac because an unelected body can overrule the British Parliament, are you? Why do you bother to pretend that you and your colleagues have any say in ruling this country, why not give up and go home? Or should you try and do something about it?


Why not do as the French do? Accept the directive and don't enforce it. Not very British I know but since the object of the whole EU project is to eliminate nation states this would be very "communitaire".

With friends and family who are bikers I am very worried about this legislation. Bikers and their organisations have been appealing to the EU about this to no effect as usual.

Ladyman shows what a weasel he really is and show spineless the government is.

Umbongo has the right idea and one I support.

Maybe it's my sense of humour but is Ladyman just a grown up Ladyboy? Once that thought popped into my sick little head a few weeks ago I just smile when I see his name mentioned especially when he is being screwed by our friends across the water.

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