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Good News for the FMs - Bad news fo the Greens

DRIVERS of small and medium-sized cars are 50 times more likely to be killed in collisions with another car than drivers of 4x4s or people-carriers, according to the Department for Transport.

The safest cars, from the driver’s perspective, are the Land Rover Defender....(Full list)

Of course the usual voices are saying don't listen, buy a fartbox and save the planet - but maybe you might think that your duty to protect your family outways their whining protest, besides with a decent set of Roo bars on the front of the Landy you will not even notice the tree hugger waving a banner, and a quick pressure wash will remove unsightly Tofu stains...


An excellent funny posting andsomething I have been saying the same thing for years with no-one listening.

Other ways to deal with anti 4x4 hippies and their two main arguments

1.) They're too big and would kill someone in a smaller car
Answer: Point at an articulated lorry barrelling through your village / past the school and say what about that isn't that too big.

2.) Pedestrians get hurt more in collisions with 4x4's than other cars.
Answer: If pedestrians stayed on the pavement as they are meant to they wouldn't get run over.

You are quoting very incomplete data.
1. What about other types of accidents such as rollovers?
2. What about accident avoidance?

The only measure that matters is deaths per by vehicle type. The last time I saw those statistics in the U.S., the SUV’s were the worst.

I have witnesses SUV's turning themselves over trying to avoid a collision. I am always amused during the first snowstorm every winter. That’s when all the dummies that bought SUV’s and all-wheel-drive cars go out and crash them when they think their 4X4 can stop faster in the snow. I watched a brand new Audi Quattro fly through a hedge last year.

I don’t worry about the environment, I’m just cheap. Pulling up to a gas pump as a huge box-on-wheels is leaving, it’s fun to see the mind-boggling numbers he or she just paid.

Tofu Stains would be a fine name for a blog. Anyway, in this multicultural society, those of us who learned to drive on a tractor are surely entitled to drive a vehicle with a high driving position?

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