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One for the Xmas stocking

The Times reports: A BOOK that rejects religion and argues for the non- existence of God is heading to be the No 1 bestseller for Christmas.

Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion is at the top of the bestseller chart of the online bookseller Amazon, and is climbing up The Times bestseller chart.

With Professor Dawkins about to travel to the US to publicise the book, sources in online sales say that his atheistic rant against all things religious is already trumping celebrity biographies....

Kes Nielsen, Amazon’s head books buyer, said it was rare for a serious scientific or philosophical book to top the UK charts. “It seems as though many people are bored with the superficial world of stardom that’s fascinated us for so long.”

See - people don't just want pap all the time - the book is on the shelf here in line to be read (I have all of his books in first editions, so count me in as a fan).


This is the first book of his I have read but I am definitely now a fan. He puts into words and properly explores the arguments behind there being no god. Well worth reading.

Of course I agreed with him before I read it; perhaps I would feel differently if I had been religious myself.

I like his books but would not go so far as to say i am a fan. I am planning to read this one in paperback form.

His books are good, but I have found that the biological ones tend to keep going over the same ground. "The Extended Phenotype" is worth reading, though (very useful for my D.Phil).

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