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Baa to the Council

Telegraph | News | Year-long probe to find council heckler

It has taken more than 12 months and cost about £10,000 but a council is finally on the verge of discovering the identity of a man who kept saying "baa" during a planning meeting.

After a wide-ranging investigation, Havering council, based in Romford, Essex, has prepared a 300-page report, according to the Romford Recorder newspaper.

Unfortunately, the downside is that the prime suspect is no longer a councillor and is, therefore, beyond the scope of any punishment that it might want to mete out....

I hope the good citizens of Romford start a new tradition and shout "Baa" at any passing Councillor and interupt any official stuffed shirt speaker with farmyard noices..


Good example of elected conceit and the madness of public decision making. People wouldn't spend their own money on this kind of stuff, but the mindset of local government organisations seems to encourage it. Madness. Our council just went through a large police investigation when the vote to lead the council lead to a win for one faction. Statutory declarations were taken and that was contradictory to the election result. So six months of internal warring, expensive lawyers, the Council CEO (and returning officer) fired and a full police investigation, there are to be no criminal charges, despite a statement that one of the councillors lied on a statutory declaration and that they would be talking to them. How about just voting again? Huge saving in time, money, public resources, productivity of council meetings and the CEO's career.

A heckler? Sounds like a job for Blair & Blair's bungling, incompetent, politically "correct", keystone cops.

Suprised they didnt call in MI5

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