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And the day after tomorrow isn't looking too hot either..

Pink Tories learn the art of being gay friendly - Sunday Times - Times Online

IT USED to be true blue, David Cameron gave it a greenish tinge and now it is going pink. The Conservative party has signed an agreement with Stonewall, the gay rights organisation, to turn itself into a model gay friendly employer and build up its appeal to homosexual voters.

And in other news today:

Tory tax cutters put squeeze on Cameron

DAVID CAMERON’S attempt to push tax cuts down the Tory agenda will be undermined this week by a report from the party’s own policy group recommending up to £21 billion of reductions to make Britain more competitive.

The Conservative Tax Reform Commission is expected to outline proposals to slash the basic rate of income tax, scrap inheritance tax for main homes and abandon the 10p starting rate of income tax.

The tax cuts would be worth more than £600 a year for higher earners.

The commission, chaired by Lord Forsyth, the former Conservative minister, will argue Britain needs lower taxes to compete in the world economy.

However, George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, has emphasised the Tories will not rush into promising tax cuts and the party’s Thatcherite wing fears the report will be “kicked into the long grass”.

It will be kicked so far into the long grass it will be off the field completely - Dave has identified where his supporters come from and boring old fuddy-duddies who believe in stealing money from the state and putting it back in people's pockets are not there, it is the state's job to decide whose pockets it should go into.


Perhaps a flat-rate tax might help here.

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