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Killing the Community

The local Tories were out in force on Saturday stopping people in the street and getting petitions signed under the banner:
Stop Brown's NHS cuts
They seemd to be getting a lot of support - but then I live in a Tory constituency where the local hospitals are under threat. If option "A" is adopted it will be nearly a thirty mile drive for me to my nearest one.

And I wasn't surprised at all by this in today's Times:

COMMUNITY hospitals that lie in Conservative or Liberal Democrat constituencies will bear the brunt of the Government’s closure programme, re-igniting accusations of political interference in the NHS.

The Times has learnt that seven times as many community hospitals have closed or are under threat in constituencies held by opposition MPs. There are 62 closed or at-risk hospitals in Conservative constituencies and 8 in Liberal Democrats seats, with 11 in Labour areas.

The hospitals threatend by closure are "old" - of course they bloody are, they were built and paid for by the local people before the N bloody H sodding S was even a wet dream of the socialists. Their closure is everything to do with centrist control and nothing to do with providing local needs.


I spotted Dave himself at one of these shows, but he slipped away to the shops with his child before I could accost him. It seemed rude to pursue him into the Co-Op and bother him there whilst he was off duty.
Instead I had a brief chat with one of the party minions, during which she was scandalised by my wicked suggestion that we'd be better off privatising the NHS. She agreed with me that her party would never do any such thing.

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