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Keep the poor man at the gate

Mother's Union: HONOUR thy father and thy Mothers’ Union, and the meek may yet inherit some kind of Earth.

Thou shalt abhor Kenyan green beans, nor shall ye drive to the shops when you can get the bus. Thou shalt turn thy central heating down and thy television off at night, and shouldst thou fly thou shalt plant a tree of penitence to offset thy carbon emissions. Thereby might the planet be saved.


“We seem to have this expectation that we have a right to all food products at all times of the year. We grow perfectly good green beans in the right season over here. We do not need them out of season. People say we should help Kenya’s balance of payments, but I am not sure the money reaches the most marginalised.”

The Mother's Union campaigns across the world for parental rights, international debt relief and an end to child poverty
(The Times)

And how does boycotting the goods they produce help the poor? Or do you prefer the charming picaninnies to come to the Mission for the hand out of gruel and religious tracts every morning to them having the dignity of working for a living?


Only sissies use central heating.

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