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Och Mon - I'm The Law

THE government is to extend the power to issue on-the-spot fines to “authority” figures other than the police. They could include teachers, council workers and even RSPCA inspectors, who would be given the same right as police officers to mete out summary justice for offences expected to include vandalism, antisocial behaviour and theft. ..
The proposal is contained in clause 15 of the Police and Justice Bill. It enables John Reid, the home secretary, to give any “persons” the power to hand out fixed-penalty notices of £80 or £100. Reid would be able to do this whenever he deemed it “necessary” and without primary legislation in parliament. (The Times)

Rather than read my intended intemperate rant on this usurpation of Justice I suggest you see the wise and measured response of Adam Smith - http://www.adamsmith.org/blog/index.php/blog/council_workers_to_have_police_powers/


Give me the rant. Now. I mean, WTF? What the fucky fuck are these people on?

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