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An apology to Mrs Englishman

For Sunday lunch yesterday, I slowly cooked overnight a shoulder of my own pork in a marinade of Madeira'd Onions and young peppers, fresh bay leaves, herbs and spices. The joint was then cooled, and then hot roasted with sea salt and thyme to produce perfect crackling. Potatoes were boiled, crisped in beef dripping, and then finished in olive oil infused with our own Rosemary. Also roasted in your oil were sweet potatoes and red peppers, carrots and tomatoes. To accompany it there was fresh apple sauce and a rich gravy, and a decent bottle of red. Mrs Englishman came in a tuck into the feast, and her only comment was; "Why aren't there any green vegetables?" I shouldn't have lost my sense of humour, so I apologise.


"olive oil infused with our own Rosemary" ... "infused"???? What the bl**dy hell is "infused"? Next thing we know you will be serving a "jus"!

Seems to me that you need a little culinary re-education.

Yours aye, The Chili Champion 2006

Pah. The only cooking a man should do is burning large hunks of meat on a barbecue, or over a camp fire.

You poof!! Eat it raw, like a real man.

why cant I find a woman who can cook like that?

Nick - it's obvious. She wants green vegetables, too.

Who the hell is Rosemary and why is she confused with Olive Oil?

The real question is....why can't I find a man who can cook like that?

If Mrs Englishman doesn't appreciate your cooking, can I borrow you for a while? ;)

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