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"Pay" you by not robbing you

BBC NEWS | Politics | Tory tax reform plans dismissed
...proposals by a Conservative Party policy group for a recommended £21bn a year in tax cuts.

Ed Balls Economic Secretary to Treasury: "The problem is there is no indication here at all as to how it will be paid for,"

..Tory leader David Cameron, who has also said he will not promise tax cuts unless they can be paid for...

Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell also criticised the plans.
"You can't produce plans for £21bn worth of tax cuts without saying how they would be paid for."

May I propose a simple rule of thumb - anyone who talks about "paying for" tax cuts should be hung up and beaten like a piñata donkey until the shit runs out of them. Tax cuts are not "paid for" - muggers do not "pay for" the money they don't mug. They may have to be "budgeted for" but to have the frame of mind that the Government "pays" people for not mulcting their honest earned money shows the statist bastards for what they are.


Hear hear. Especially the pinata donkey idea.

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