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Telegraph | News | Muggers and robbers defy the fall in crime

Street crime and violent robbery continues to rise in England and Wales, according to the latest official figures published yesterday.

But the number of overall offences, especially burglaries and car thefts, has fallen to its lowest level for 15 years, Home Office statistics showed.

Burglaries are down because cheap imports from the far east mean second hand TVs and videos are worthless, and car crime - modern cars have locks that actually work, so nothing there to praise the Home Office for.

The level of street robbery is now almost back to where it was before Tony Blair ordered a crackdown in 2002.

His "street crime initiative" helped to drive down muggings significantly by pouring police into 10 inner city crime hotspots. But since the money for the £80 million scheme dried up last year, the problem has returned.

Shows police on the street actually worked. As David Davis said:

"Instead of being on the streets fighting crime, our police are stuck behind their desks under an ever increasing burden of Labour red tape. In the event an offender is apprehended for violence or theft they are likely to be punished with the equivalent of a parking ticket. This is hardly a deterrent.

"The fact robbery has only recently started to rise since Tony Blair's street crime initiative proves what we have been saying for some time now: that more police on the street can make a difference.

"Now the Government's constantly shifting central targets have reversed that effect."

Where as the Rozzer's response is pure management bollocks.

Ian Johnston, a spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: "While violent crime and vehicle crime levels remain stable, robbery continues to be an anxiety, although the rate of increase has now fallen.

Don't slip the word "fallen" in there, my son, in the hope that we may not notice that the rates are still rising.

"Police forces continue to treat robbery as a priority in the areas it occurs, targeting high crime areas and tackling the issues that drive this crime, such as mobile phone ownership, the behaviour of young people and the vulnerability of key locations."

So you are tackling mobile phone ownership eh? What about tackling the toe-rags who commit the crimes.
The mental image I would prefer of Plod is not of him behind a mountain of forms at his desk but more like this young man who may not be playing rugby entirely within the rules but certainly looks to be effectively tackling - with a right hook.


Small prize for identifying the player....


Could it be a young Brian Clough?

What are "toe-rags" or is that question not allowed by the "thought police"?


TE - Give that man a coconut - yes it is a young George Bush at Yale playing rugby.

I was in San Antonio last month. I was looking around trying to guess which of the people walking down the street were legally carrying a firearm. Then it hit me - you have to have to be absolutely crazy to attempt a mugging here!

While I was there, I saw two different TV news stories of home invasions ending in the perpetrator being shot by a homeowner. No charges against the homeowners in either case. Beautiful.

That would be a young George W. Bush

The players look too young to be at school, unlike the youngsters in the background. is is a college game. It looks like a number 8 being tackled by a slighter and perhas younger man. But I cannot say who it is.

George W. Bush

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