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Guns with Character, with added Wadworth's Beer

Devizes & District Miniature Rifle League

Celebrating the League’s 100th year and the development of the British Service Rifle

The competition is open to clubs affiliated to the League. Clubs may enter all their registered riflemen for the INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION. Of these entrants the earliest to shoot each evening will also make up the club team for that evening for the TEAM COMPETITION.

At each range, each rifleman will have 3 sighters, to gain familiarity with the rifle, and 7 shots to count.
Shooting jackets, gloves, elbow pads and orthoptic glasses will not be allowed.
Scoring: Bull 5 points, miss 4 points. All shots spotted.

Range 1. Conservative Club .22 Martini-Henry rifle (c. 1874).
Range 2. New Inn .22 Lee-Metford rifle (c. 1888).
Range 3. Rowde Village Hall .22 SMLE rifle (c. 1902).
Range 4. Lamb Inn .22 No.4 rifle (c. 1939).
Range 5. Eastwell, lanes 1 & 2 .22 L1A1 rifle (c.1958).
Range 6. Eastwell, lanes 3 & 4 .22 L85 rifle (c.1980).

Now that is a line up of guns to drool over - and any Conservative Club that can offer a Martini Henry to shoot are my sort of Conservatives - I wonder if Dave knows.....


This sounds splendid; I did not realise that anything like this had survived our insanely restrictive firearms legislation. Good luck and good shooting!

Hold the phone! what kind of rifle is a .22 cal Martini? Rather like a gelding at stud, if you ask me. My 1943 Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk 1 shoots .3-by-God-03 British that I can buy without prescription at the local Wally-world big-box store.

I suppose a .22 is better than a sharpened No. 2 pencil, but wouldn't it be better to shoot the real thing? come on chaps, turn out those Nanny-knows-best liberals and get yerselves some real boom-sticks, like your grandfathers used to conquer (and then save) the world.

TE- The use of .22 in adapted service rifles has a long and noble tradition - going back a hundred years or more as a way of preparing the youth of England for the Hun. Advantages are cheapness, easiness and best of all the ranges can be fitted into Pubs!

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