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Trouble in Dingle

THE town of Dingle yesterday voted overwhelmingly that the Irish Government should give it back its English name.
Eighteen months ago the town became An Daingean — pronounced On Dangun — as part of the Government’s efforts to preserve the Irish language.
Votes were counted yesterday after a week-long ballot of about 1,300 residents. Only 70 voted against a return to Dingle/Daingean Uí Chuís.

John Moriarty, a leading restaurateur in Dingle, and at the forefront of the “yes” campaign, was jubilant. “This confirms what we always knew — that the arrogance of politicians is not tolerated by the people of Dingle,” he said.

Kerry County Council will now pass the results to Eamon O Cuiv, the Minister for Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs. In a lengthy statement Mr O Cuiv said that the plebiscite had no legal effect because an Order under the Official Languages Act — the law he used to strip Dingle of its English name — could not be revoked.

And politicians wonder at why they are not treated with respect! I hope that the people of Dingle show their respect with a few screwdrivers and pots of paint and return their town to the name they want.


For better or worse, I am one hundred percent Irish by descent. This gives me great pride at times and then something like the Dingle story comes along. What strange creatures sit in back rooms and come up with ideas like this? I'm not surprised that it was overwhelmingly rejected by voters. I am surprised that seventy poor souls actually supported the Irish version.

"What strange creatures sit in back rooms and come up with ideas like this?"

Do you know anything about the Official Languages Act? According to the census about 63% of the people of the town speak Irish every day, even if for most its just a few words and the number of kids in the local schools keep it up. According to the act, any area where over 50% of the people speak Irish every day is in the Gaeltacht and therfore should be legally known by its Irish name.

Four towns that are not really Irish speaking towns- Spiddle, Falcarragh, Dungloe and Dingle are included under the census. The people of Dingle are the only people with a problem, although I read of two people in Dungloe (now An Clochán Liath) with a problem.

It shouldn't suprise you that 70 or more people were in favour of the Irish. Most people would have been were it not for the fact that Dingle is somewhat of a tourist brand in that part of the country.

Anyone know the Gaelic translation of "consent of the governed"?

Toiliú an rialtas is consent of the govt.

For once and for all, the debate is not about Irish. Dingle people want the correct Irish name, which is Daingean Uí Chúis, not An Daingean (which exists in Co. Offaly) along with Dingle to be the official name of the town. We are sick of people trying to say that we are anti-irish!!We are so pro Irish that we want the proper name used!!Also, we live in a democracy, and if 93% vote for Dingle-Daingean Uí Chúis, it should be recognised!

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