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The Good News from the Aral Sea

The BBC reminds us of when we first learnt of the Soviet disaster of the Aral sea and claims to bring us up to date on the eco-pessimism:

BBC : Aral Sea is 'world's worst disaster'

In spite of calls for international assistance to save the Aral Sea, efforts to stop the sea's evaporation by reducing water wastage or reducing irrigation have not yet materialised.

In June 2004, scientists predicted the sea would vanish within 15 years.

Strangely they don't actually bring us up to date - for that turn to the New York Times:

As a Sea Rises, So Do Hopes for Fish, Jobs and Riches - New York Times

The Aral Sea, which was once drained of 75 percent of its water, has this year taken on millions of cubic feet of new water years ahead of schedule, surpassing even the sunniest predictions made when a new dam was completed last summer.

With each month the water pushes back the desert just a little more.

The Aral Sea's 155-square-mile retreat from its original shoreline is frequently invoked as one of the 20th century's more jaw-dropping ecological catastrophes, a consequence of the Soviet-era policy of diverting the Aral's two main tributary rivers into canals to irrigate cotton plants across Central Asia.

Good news about man's capacity to undo some of the damage he has done - wonder why the BBC couldn't tell us that...


All the disasters come from a man!!! If the mankind didn't have a swelled head about its power, nature wouldn't have revenge on it!!! :)

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