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Toni's Brave New World

Telegraph | News | DNA database 'should include all'

Tony Blair called yesterday for the national DNA database to be expanded to include every citizen.

He said there should be no limit on the development of the database because it was vital for catching serious criminals.

The Conservatives accused him of attempting to expand the DNA database by stealth and called for Parliament to vote on whether details of people who were innocent or not charged should be included against their wishes.

The Prime Minister said the public backed the extended use of DNA .. but he doesn't want us to debate it or have our representatives vote on it! Or is he too high and mighty now to worry about simple things like democracy. The Tories are right to concentrate on pointing out the need for informed debate and consent otherwise all we get is the "soft on crime" counterattack.

But I bet they don't raise the point that with free travel through the EU unless all the peoples in all the subjugated nations are on the database what's the point?

And why not start by first concentrating on stopping some crimes that never should happen -
ONE in five of the most high risk and dangerous offenders under supervision in the community broke the terms of their freedom or committed a further serious violent offence, according to figures published yesterday.

Overall, the figures show that more than 60 serious offences — defined as murder, attempted murder, rape, arson, manslaughter, kidnap and armed robbery — were carried out by offenders under the supervision of the probation service and other agencies. (The Times)


The idea of a database covering the whole population is worse than 1984. The idea that it may be imposed in the same way as everytinh else is almost as bad. And to what end? The sociologists in the police do not seem interested in dealing with the crime which most concerns the average member of the public. And even if criminals are caught and convicted against all odds given today's criminal justice system, what is the point? They will be out in an indecent amount of time to reoffend. So for what other purpose do we need such totalitarian procedures which reverse the presumption of innocence?

Accept assimilation to the Labour Socialist borg.

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