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Laodong jiaoyang 劳动教养

For me the day brings the joy of "Reeducation through labour" - I will report back on the " Wiltshire Safety Camera Partnership Workshop" on the evils of speeding I have been summoned to attend.
Memo to self - be a good boy and no sarky comments otherwise you may have to start wearing a red triangle as a dissident, or a green one as a criminal...

UPDATE: The penny drops.

Why does the Wiltshire Safety Camera Partnership offer Speed Awareness Workshops as an alternative to a fine and points?

Official Answer: Because they just want people to drive safer and the money isn't a factor.

Unofficial Answer: Britain's speed camera system is run by more than 40 regional road safety partnerships, made up of representatives from police, courts and councils.

The partnerships are funded by the Department of Transport, which demands that each region gives target figures for the number of motorists they plan to catch speeding over the next year. If these targets are not met, then Whitehall cuts the size of its funding.

This has the effect of making the local partnership set low targets, rather than risk losing cash by falling short of predictions. And that is good news for the Government, since the system is geared so that any extra fines go to the Treasury. (source)

But as the Wiltshire Safety Camera Partnership knows they are going to catch more motorists than their quota the local unit has no interest in sending those "extra" fines to Gordon. But if they run a workshop then the motorist doesn't pay a fine, he pays the Wiltshire Safety Camera Partnership who get to keep the money, apart from having to rent a cheap room and whiteboard...

No that is silly - I must keep repeating the "Wiltshire Safety Camera Partnership are not interested in the money..."


no cash for Gordon?

At last evidence of civic representatives actually representing the people,

Talking of extracting money with menaces, sorry, I mean speeding tickets for those who may be involved in such things Id recomend this site and the forums:

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