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Lib Dem Hot Air

BBC NEWS | UK | Parking fees linked to emissions

The cost of residents' parking permits could be linked to the emissions their car produces, under plans from one London borough council.

The Liberal Democrat council in Richmond, south-west London, hopes to make owners of gas-guzzling vehicles pay more to park outside their homes.

The owner of two high-emission cars could pay £750 a year for parking, compared with the £200 they pay now.

But it would cost nothing to park environmentally friendly cars

Am I being as dim as a Liberal Councillor or are the carbon emissions of a parked SUV not the same as those of a Prius or a knitted Tofu bicycle? Nothing, nil, zero?


Yes you are dim :) but not for the reason you think. It's been a long time since facts have intruded on government policy.

It's the rule of envy. And may it end in a really bad way for the politicians.

It's got nothing to do with the environment. It's all about nasty little Lib Dem councillors (most of who don't hold down a proper job) who want to punish people with more money or trappings of success than they have. It's the only time these 7-stone weaklings get a chance to kick sand in someone else's face.

Well yes, they are the same, but less.

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