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Stern report - Junk Science

Bad Climate Science Yields Worse Economics

By Steven Milloy - of JunkScience

The British government is preparing to fire a new round of global warming alarmism at the U.S. next week.

Her Majesty’s Treasury is scheduled to release the “Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change,” as it’s called, on Oct. 30.

While the precise contents of Sir Nicholas Stern’s report are not yet available, Stern’s report apparently claims that climate change could cause the worst global recession in recent history, according to a report in the UK newspaper The Guardian (Oct. 26).

This bizarre conclusion – which somehow spins the higher energy prices and reduced energy available associated with greenhouse gas regulation into an economic boon – should come as no surprise...


I see in today's ex Torygraph that Cameroon has been leaning on his MEPs to vote in favour of REACH although it will cost jobs in this Country. Whose side is the moron on?

The only junk science is that being peddled by Milloy and his ilk. The apologists and deniers can cling to their pet theories like "solar irradiation" to explain global warming ... they've been conclusively disproven by the real scientific community.

Stern's message comes not a moment too soon ... the time for denial and half-measures is over. It's time to get real about this very real problem.

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