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The Great Bovril Taste Test

On test today we have a jar of Original meaty Bovril - from before they went Veggie, a Jar of Ersatz Bovril, a jar of the new Beefy Bovril, Chicken Bovril and Marmite.
I tried them all blind on white bread with butter:
Old Bovril - a good mature almost gamey smell, tastes of the bottom of the roasting tin - (As its "Best before Date" is Oct 05 it may have matured but it was still in fine condition.)
Veggie Bovril - Beery smell, like Marmite without the salt.
New Bovril - Sweeter, blander smell to the original, odd almost chemical notes to the taste but nearly as good as the original, maybe it needs maturing?
Chicken Bovril - my favourite - sweet, salty roast chicken in a jar - but I couldn't find it for sale anywhere yesterday, they haven't withdrawn it have they?
Marmite - Seems very salty after the Bovrils and not as complex or as an interesting a flavour.

So there you have it, the old champ is back and in pretty good form.


I am ashamed to admit that I like the Tesco own brand version ... no, don't hit me!

So, this stuff is like roast-pan drippings in a jar? I tried a whiff of the Marmite while a kid in school "over there" - didn't fancy it much.

The new Bovril just tastes wrong, why did it have to change, will have to try and find an alternative now :(

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