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The Opening Meet


Through the red veil of a hangover from drinking with Mr FM and Mr NBC last night I wandered off to grab a port and sausage roll at the Opening Meet.
As always the hospitality was generous and there was a good turnout. There is something about smartly turned out fillies that always pleases.
The meet was in the small hamlet of Huish nestling under the Marlborough Downs - in the background there was the small chapel where David Niven married Primula Susan Rollo in 1940 and where she was buried after her untimely death.
After a few rousing words from the Master, emphasising that they were staying with in the Law by only hound exercising and a bit of trail following, they were off, hooves clattering down the street reminding me of how somethings stay the same, and how some people hate us for wanting it to stay so..
Where ever you are "Good Hunting!"
Whoops - a small accident, the hounds picked up the scent of a fox round the lambing pens, but no harm done (apart from to the fox) and it is off for some fun away from the roads and spectators...


Oh well. These things happen. Lucky that accidents are in the spirit of the law. :)


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