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Time to change the Rabbit catcher

Telegraph | News | Speed camera fines used to buy plasma TVs and T-shirts

Speed camera operators are spending hundreds of thousands of pounds from fines on refurbishing premises and buying plasma television screens and staff T-shirts, new figures reveal.
The "safety camera partnerships", formed by police and local authorities, now spend £95 million running their nationwide network of 4,650 cameras.

Many of their costs are unrelated to road safety, and critics say they have become "fully fledged quangos", wasting huge sums of money and adding to widespread suspicions that speed cameras are merely "revenue-raisers".

I thought I would have a look at my favourite Wiltshire Safety Camera Partnership audit certificate and draw out the numbers.
Oh look - Costs shadow revenue nicely. Looks like a self serving quango to me - I mean if they were actually discouraging speeding surely by now the number caught would be going down wouldn't they?


My father used to say "never employ the same rabbit catcher for more than two years" - if you did he had no incentives to catch all the rabbits, a few breeding pairs would always "escape" wouldn't they. I suggest that it is time to change these "rabbit" catchers as it looks like they are naturally more interested in looking after their own comfort and incomes than anything else....


Change them with a pitchfork.

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