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Adam Smith Scores

£20 reward for the father of free trade - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

Adam Smith will have his reputation fixed as the father of modern economics as he becomes the latest historical figure to appear on the £20 note.

Smith, who died in 1790, having lived out his days as a quiet Customs official with his mother, will become the first Scotsman to appear on a Bank of England note when he replaces Edward Elgar next spring.

I know Gordon claims to be a fan of his, born in the same town etc, so he is probably behind this excellent move - all we have got to do now is to get Gordon to actually read and understand him...


But Mr Smith is displacing Elgar from the £20 note....

Weird description: 'a quiet customs official' - Commissioner of Customs in Scotland is rather a comfortable sinecure than a job (it pays to have friends in high places, such as, well - the Duke of Buccleuch). And no mention of his university teaching career, or subsequent life as a tutor to... the Duke of Buccleuch.

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