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How to reduce "Carbon" emissions - I have a plan..

We know that an average human breathes out about 0.85kg of CO2 each day, or 310kg/year.

Politicians who are talking a lot will produce more - say 1 kg a day.

All we need to do is draw up a little list -
"As some day it may happen that a victim must be found,
I've got a little list--I've got a little list
Of society offenders who might well be underground,
And who never would be missed--who never would be missed!"

And I will soon be able to spot hundreds of kg of C02 that are being wastefully produced - any suggestions as who should be on the list...

(For the disturbingly curious, I present the maths:

The average person exhales about 0.5 litres of air with each breath. At 15 breaths per minute, that's about 10,800 L per day.

CO2 makes up about 4% of each exhalation, so we breathe out about 432 L of CO2 daily.

Assuming my chemistry isn't completely dodgy, that works out to about 0.85 kg CO2 per day:

1 mole of gas occupies 22.4L at STP
432 L C02 / 22.4 litres/mole = 19.3 moles CO2.
1 mole of CO2 weighs 44g
19.3 moles CO2 x 44 g/mole = 849g CO2
So 432L CO2/day = 0.85kg CO2/day).


Doctor: "Big breaths"
Patient, probably Babs Windsor: "Yeth, and I'm only thixteen."


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Urquhart and Trollope

Carbon emissions in verse? Interesting.

Well, if this bunch of useless c*nts perform to their usual crappy standards, all we'll get is a half-arsed policy that will

a. Be expensive to the taxpayer
b. Produce no tangible result
c. Be quietly dropped when no-one is looking.

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