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The running of the bulls


A policeman trying to warn a motorist not to stop because a bullock was running free along a dual carriageway was chased by the animal back to his vehicle.

The chase, on the A30 at Whiddon Down, Okehampton, Devon, which ended when PC Steve Thomson managed to sprint to one side of the vehicle while his pursuer ran to the other side, was captured on the patrol car’s video camera.

But where is the video? I can't find it on Youtube, looks like the funniest thing I saw since Granny caught her tit in the mangle.
Still I'm sad to relate that Plod didn't grab his cape, picas and estoque and deal with the bull in a proper manly way, instead they took a hint out of the Met's book and declared the bullock a terrorist and "after more than two hours ... two police marksmen to shoot it". Bloody hell if it takes two of them two hours to track down and kill a rampaging beast what chance have they of catching a proper baddie?


When I was 17 I proved that you could kill a stirk by driving your Dad's car straight into it.
Two hours, indeed!

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