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Voters not as green as cabbage looking

BBC NEWS | Politics | Voters 'do not trust green taxes'

Most voters believe "green taxes" are more about raising money than helping the environment, a BBC poll suggests.
All three main parties say they want to use the tax system to encourage more environmentally-friendly behaviour.
But the Populus poll suggests they may have a fight on their hands convincing voters there is not a hidden agenda.
Some 62% of those polled said they thought green taxes were just a revenue-raising measure and nearly half were against the idea altogether.


Our dear and beloved government could have said that all monies raised by their 'Green' taxes would be used to lower the rate of income tax.

We wouldn't have believed it for an instant.

But they could at least have pretended.

More taxes for funding fat gits extra jags! Stick it up yer bum!

I'm all for taxing green things. It seem's an eminently way to proceed. Keepers of fancy frogs, sprout eaters and turf fetishist can surely afford a few extra pennies a week to help the national good.

Call me old fashioned....

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