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Oleaginous Hain Green with Envy

The Times: PETER HAIN today raises the spectre of making the rich bear more of the burden for reducing carbon emissions by relating green taxes to income.

The Northern Ireland secretary, campaigning to become deputy prime minister under Gordon Brown, also suggested “innovative ways” were needed to stop the super-wealthy “racing away” from those on average incomes.

Hain advocates introducing “progressive” green taxes to hit those on big incomes hardest, rather than slapping levies on flights, petrol and rubbish.
“There is a problem about those right at the top just racing away over the horizon and those on average and below-average incomes staying behind. We need to find a way of addressing that.” What I am saying is just be very careful that we’re not ignoring the need for social justice.

It is good of the oleaginous one to remind us what the call for "green taxes" is really about - not a "levy" to rectify the harm an activity does but another method of socially engineering society in the orange faced twat's vision. Green with envy with taxes maybe?


It's always as well to remember that green is a colour and not a superior moral position.

Well, a lot of commentators predicted that Stern's report would simply become a vehicle for Grasping Gordon to syphon yet more cash from the wallets of the British people. But at least most people thought ZanuLabour would hide their true purpose by making the tax proportional to consumption of "green" resources or the production of carbon dioxide. Hain's outburst gives the lie to that.

I suppose the big question here is how often do conservative predictions of NuLabour mendacity, incompetence and downright stupidity later need to be proved right before the general public finally gets the message and dispatches this sorry excuse for a government to the Tower?

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