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The Son of Kirckaldy on the advantages of Free Trade

GORDON BROWN has called for a new global alliance of governments, business leaders and public figures to fight the reactionary “Luddites” opposed to globalisation and break the “dangerous global log jam” that is threatening world trade.

The Chancellor, writing today in The Times, challenges leaders to show the determination necessary to stop the world slipping back into a new era of protectionism, comparing it to the effort needed to rebuild the international order after the Second World War.

One very simple step he could take with relish - have quiet word with Peter Mandelson in a dark alley and then announce a new vision for the EU...


Never mind visions for the EU.

What el Gordo needs to do is just tell the EU they can do whatever they like, we're outta here.

If he did that, I promise I would vote Labour!

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