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Taxman making naughty phone calls?

BBC NEWS | UK | 'Silent calls' warning welcomed

Campaigners have welcomed news that the phone regulator Ofcom has warned four firms about generating "silent calls".

Carphone Warehouse was among the firms which made too many of the calls, which happen when dialling systems generate more calls than staff can handle.

Ofcom's rules ban silent calls and allow only 3% of calls to be accompanied by a recorded message.

The firms have until 6 December to respond, after which Ofcom could fine them from £5,000 to £50,000.

And guess who is another big offender :

A parliamentary answer to a question
asked by John Hemming MP has
confirmed that the taxman is still making 4,300 nuisance calls a week.
The maximum fine for each of these silent calls is £50,000 so the tax
man could be asked to pay a fine of over £200 Million a week.


No, the British taxpayer could be asked to pay a fine of over 200 million a week. It would be more appropriate for the guilty tax gits to be fired or jailed or put in the stocks or rapidly extradited to the USA.

Isn't it surprising that the BBC didn't make that point DocBud... Isn't it...

Except that, as we now know, the taxman is not liable for anything he does, whether it's maliciously evil or just a cock-up.

So no fines for them, then.

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