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Well Oiled Steel and Mahogany

FREE MARKET FAIRY TALES: & for those of you that question my taste in firearms ...

Now one or two of you have been questioning why I keep buying black plastic firearms ...
This old wood & metal is all well & good - but the new stuff delivers (that is if you have necessary skills to use it properly).

These Lego guns are all very well if you need to mechanically kill things but where's the skill, where's the romance, what's the bloody point of using them on targets? Especially when if you any good you don't need to.

For example here is a card Mr FM shot last night, 9 out of 9 catching the bull, and he was using an old Martini action hand fettled in Birmingham when the globe was still pink, the butt fashioned out of a tropical hardwood that never even was named before it was extinct, carried to our shores in a British steamship. Tens of thousands of rounds have been fired through it by young men of the village. Some of those young men made use of the skills they learnt defending freedom around the world over the last hundred years. And last night three young teenagers shot their first rounds ever through it. Now that is what it should all be about, not some bloody Vorsprung Durch Technic extruded recycled coffee cups and laser cut billet.



Hear Hear!

Personally I think if one has to pot a burglar he would surely go to face whatever divine justice awaited him with a lighter heart if he knew he had been dispatched with a product of craftsmanship and gravitas rather than with some mass produced techno-slaughterer.

Then again I'm just an old softy at heart.

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