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Make do and mend...


The Times can also disclose that David Miliband, the Environment Secretary, is investigating ways to encourage people to take responsibility for their own energy consumption. He is considering plans to issue every Briton with a “carbon credit card”, which he predicts would be the world’s biggest loyalty card. People would use cards to buy electricity, gas and fuel to persuade them to cut emissions in their personal life.

Everyone would have a set entitlement to consume and would win cash back if they used less than their allowance. But individuals wanting to consume more than their limit would have to buy spare points off the more thrifty.

I am becoming convinced that my dear old mother in her final confused days darning socks in front of a meagre fire, and listening to the wireless in case that nice Mr Attlee came on, by the light of one small bulb is the only sort of person who can make sense of this brave new world the Boy Miliband wants us to retreat to...


So everyone will get a "ration" of carbon to use each month. All free and fair.

And then, because global warming is actually caused by the Chinese, sunspots or little green aliens but no one will admit it, the ration gets progressively cut.

Except that certain "important people" (political hacks and so forth) will somehow manage to keep a higher carbon ration because of the "vitally important stuff" they do on behalf of the rest of us.

And to prevent "rich bastards" exploiting the system, the trading of carbon points will be made illegal.

I'm not taking bets on whether this will happen, only the timeframe.

I wonder how many extra civil servants Miliband's scheme will require. Do you think they can roll the Carbon Card into the ID card. No ID... no power, light, heat, petrol. I suppose that's one way to increase the take-up!

Wankers, thats not too strong is it?

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