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The customer is always right

Telegraph | News | Students protest as Bristol cuts tuition to two hours a week

Students at one of Britain's most sought-after universities are demanding more value for money after their tuition was reduced to two hours a week.

History undergraduates at Bristol say they thought they were paying fees to be educated by renowned academics, not to receive "library membership and a reading list".

Isn't it wonderful what the effect of students actually having to pay for their course is having - they are demanding value for money like any other consumer. Excellent.


1I agree with you.

But I recall that twenty odd years ago reading an arts subject at Oxford, we only did twelve essays per eight week term i.e. we had twelve hours of contact per term. In addition there were hardly any lectures to attend of any relevance. So all you could do was hope for a decent reading list and that the books were in the library. Any suggestion that this process was lacking was countered by the argument that we should be to teach ourselves and was a "usp" of the University. Of course different and more demanding teching techniques including more contact applied if you were medic, engineer or scientist (as I think you were).

But you have hit the nail on the head. If you are paying for your own education you want are much more concerned to ensure the institution you are attendung is doing all it can for you. I know this from later paying for myself to study at two other universities and also teaching myself.

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Maybe that's why illegal aliens can go to college free in California, they get what they pay for...a bunch of leftwing echo-chamber hooey.

I totally agree. If you are paying excellent sums of money for your kids to go to a private school, then you should receive excellent tuition.

Some of our friends have 3 children at private schools. That must be a large whack of funds.


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