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Keeping the customers away.

Kennet News from the Gazette and Herald Editor's Blog

FURTHER to my rant about Jobsworth parking wardens the other day, now we hear they have annoyed register office staff so much they are refusing to go back to Marlborough.

The wardens there kept ticketing their car while they unloaded their files outside the town hall.

Now they have said they are not going back, so anyone in the town wanting to register a birth or death will have to go to Devizes.

Nice one lads. Why don't you have a go at the blood transfusion service next?

I was once cornered in our reception by one of the old school traffic wardens. He complained that we painted them in a bad light. Bearing in mind he himself had ticketed Santa's sleigh when it was parked in Devizes Market Place (I kid you not)I could not agree with him.

As I said before, they may all be charming people but unless they actually prove it by exhibiting some recognisable human emotion I'll always think otherwise.

And in other news; Kennet plan to increase parking fees by 66% in the shopper car park as they squeak about how they are helping revitalise the moribund centre of Devizes - I never bother going there now as I can't park the car anywhere close.
Car parking remains free for Kennet Council employees at their plush offices in Devizes.


As I said before, they may all be charming people ...

They're not - there was an article [wish I could retrieve it] that someone had done for a disseration and it touched on psychological types and jobs. Wardens were on of the lowest.

Fine. I'll just park in the residential streets around Marlborough town centre and they'll get nothing from me, then.

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