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Hornby, the maker of toy trains and Scalextric cars, is to rescue Airfix from administration, adding the maker of model aircraft, tanks and ships to its stable of brands.
It is thought that Hornby, which saw off competition from rivals including Germany’s Revell to secure the brands, (The Times)


Go on - you know you want to - add the wings, prop, canopy, inhale the glue as you cement it all together. Float the transfers onto the freshly painted body and run down the garden going yewooow rat-a-tat-tat...... It wouldn't have been the same if they were made by a German company would it?


Hoorah for Patriotic British Companies, rescuing generations of memories. I must have made about 10 Spitfires. Some of those biplanes were tricky however.

If children under 16 were allowed to buy the glue, knives and paints required to build Airfix kits maybe the company wouldn't be in trouble now.

The biggest reason that Airfix got in to trouble is another British Company: Games Workshop. Games Workshop is a great British success story, selling quality models worldwide. Airfix was plagued by poor quality kits and poor customer service.

I remember when Airfix had a lock on the 1/72 scale quality model kit. The rumor was that they would strike 100K kits with their molds and then Mongram would buy the mold and roll out another million kits or so. (I still have a stash of about 75 Airfix kits(group 1-5) waiting for me to retire...)

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