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Up the chimneys with'em

School leaving age 'should be 18' - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

Children will be compelled to stay in full-time education or training until they reach 18 under proposals being considered by ministers for one of the biggest shake-ups in education for decades.

Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary, said that it was unacceptable for children of 16 to be in full-time work, adding that government policy on the school leaving age may be reversed.

Alan Johnson left school at fifteen without a single qualification to his name. His first job was stacking shelves at Tesco, a job which he eventually abandoned when they refused to allow him a lunch break. Then at the age of eighteen in 1968 he decided to move to Slough and become a postman, attracted by the promise of overtime, since he now felt that he needed the money now that he was married and his guitar had been stolen.

So did leaving school early damage him? Does he believe young people are less mature now and that they should be incarcerated as unwilling scholars rather than be allowed to earn a living?
I strongly believe that by that age some kids know that book learning isn't for them at that time, and they will be much happier, more productive and useful members of society if they learn to work instead.


And this isn't just an expensive trick to fiddle the unemployment figures while wreaking the education of the brightest that really would benefit from staying in school until 18. Oh No.

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